Managing Crane Safety

Managing Crane Safety is a customized onsite one- to two-day class for your foreman, site supervisors, managers and superintendents to help them better manage safety on crane construction sites.  After discussions with you, we'll tailor the content of this course to your needs.  Typical topics may include:

♦ Review of OSHA and ASME standards for crane safety
♦ Management and supervisory responsibilities under the new standards
♦ Hazard identification and elimination
♦ Crane and rigging inspection and documentation requirements
♦ Options for training and certifying your operators
♦ Rigging techniques with hands-on practice
♦ Tailgate meetings and planning critical lifts
♦ Load chart problems
♦ Power line safety
♦ Proper crane set-up
♦ Review of crane accidents and their causes

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