Thinking of self-qualifying as a signalperson and rigger? Take this quiz.

Self-Qualifying Quiz

Q1: What effect does boom deflection have on picking a load from a truck?


A. The load will be heavier

B. The crane may become unstable

C. The load will swing away from the crane


Q2: What does this signal mean:


A. Swing right

B. All done

C. Stop



Q3: In the following picture using an endless strap, what strap rating should be used?



A. Vertical pick

B. Basket

C. Choke


Q4: What does the following signal mean?


A. Bolt it up

B. Thread two straps together

C. Dog everything


Q5: Trucking transport chains are hoisting grade.


A. True

B. False


Q6: No reduction needs to be made in a chain when choking.


A. True

B. False


Q7: When using radios what statement is true?

A. Voice signals must be repetitive

B. Voice signals must be loud


Q8: Under the new OSHA standard when must qualified riggers be used? Check all that apply.


A. When inspecting rigging

B. When connecting a load

C. When rigging a load

D. Whenever workers are within the fall zone


Q9: Under the new OSHA standard, who must understand crane dynamics?


A. Crane operator and rigger

B. Crane operator and connectors

C. Crane operator and signalperson


Q10: A signalperson must have his/her qualifications documented and available on the jobsite before lifting a load.


A. True

B. False


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