Lift Director Qualification

Having a qualified lift director on site is required by OSHA for all critical lifts, and may be a wise idea for the safety-conscious employer in other situations as well.  The definition of a critical lift is one that involves more than one crane, lifting personnel, or exceeding 75% of the cranes rated capacity.  OSHA says a job site's controlling entity, general contractor, or employer is responsible for ensuring that lift directors are trained, evaluated and documented, just like signal persons and riggers, to meet the same standard: a “qualified person.”   

Our two-day lift director qualification course will prepare your site supervisors to perform the following functions, as specified by ASME:

  • Ensuring ground support meets needs, such as levelness, support, preparation, having been surveyed, proper dunnage, cribbing, drainage, and having no underground hazards
  • Ensuring traffic controls are in place and restricting unauthorized access through barricades, danger tape, fences, signage, and designated paths for equipment and pedestrians
  • Ensuring all people involved in the lift, such as site workers around the crane, the assembly team, riggers, signal persons, operators, and maintenance staff, understand their duties
  • Addressing all safety concerns and making final decisions for the lift; has knowledge of all rules and regulations, and knowledge of accurate lift planning and solutions
  • Ensuring employees such as signal persons, riggers, and crane operators are properly trained and qualified
  • Ensuring ASME standards and federal rules are met when hoisting people. Considerations may include the platform or basket, rigging, crane, operator, signal person, load tests, pre-lift meetings, crane trial lifts, critical-lift plans, and hazard mitigation
  • Ensuring that load and lift plans are accurate. Informing the crane operator of accurate load weight, as well as lifting, movement, and placement areas. Verifying that the lift plan does not exceed the capacity of the crane, wire rope, block, or rigging
  • Ensuring only qualified riggers do the rigging and do it properly, and that a signal person is provided when required

The price of $800 also includes an optional Qualified Signal Person and Basic Rigging course; you may choose from any public class on our schedule.  It is strongly recommended that any lift director candidate that has not done a signal/rigging qualification in the last five years take advantage of the opportunity, as the lift director course curriculum will assume a basic knowledge of standard hand and radio signals and basic rigging techniques.

We usually offer this class on a public basis once a year in the winter months; if you don't see one on our schedule, make a request.  We also offer this class as a customized onsite at your location.

For information or to register, call or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 303-817-5663.  You can also register on our website here.